Kick-start your Business with Wavefront BCIC Venture Acceleration Program. Apply Now! (Views: 3175)

Mon, 23 Feb 2015

Wavefront is a global leader in wireless acceleration, enabling many wireless companies to accelerate their growth and maximize their opportunity through an intensive program that provides all the necessary components to succeed. 

The Wavefront BCIC Venture Acceleration progam is a structured venture development program that helps early stage entrepreneurs with their companies. With a continuous intake of entrepreneurs and graduation, the centre is always filled with innovation and new opportunities to learn and connect. The program is led by a team of mentors, EIRs (Executives in Residence), who are highly trained professionals with knowledge in all stages of global technology including telecommunications, mobile payment, software, cloud computing and machine-to-machine sectors. Throughout the program the EIRs provide guidance and coaching to early stage companies through the planning and development of sustainable business models.

The BC Venture Acceleration Program accepts companies who wish to receive exceptional value by working remotely or within the Vancouver Accelerator Centre with experts in their industry. The cost associated in registering for the program is $200/month. Optional office space in the Acceleration Centre in Vancouver is also available for $300/month.

Why should you register for the VAP? Check out a few of the benefits: 
  • Guidance through accredited BCIC EIRs and mentors
  • Access to a wide range of expert advice
  • Access to learning opportunities through workshops seminars and educational programs
  • Connection opportunities with supportive networks, collaborators, investors and employees
  • Flexible working environment -participate remotely or as a resident at the Accelerator Centre

Apply today and help kick-start your business to success!

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