Interaction Ventures: Entrepreneur-led Angel Fund (Views: 2350)

Mon, 02 Feb 2015

Interaction Ventures is an entrepreneur-led angel fund located in the heart of Montreal that invests in early stage entrepreneurs who focus on commerce related marketplaces, platforms and API-driven businesses, e-commerce infrastructure and data analytics.

This angel fund is the perfect addition to Montreal’s very active startup ecosystem and has close relationships with venture capitalists. As part of a community that believes deeply in paying it forward, Interaction Ventures is comprised of a team who understands the difficulty in building a startup, having themselves been there once. As such, Interaction ventures works closely with entrepreneurs to provide ground-level support to help them craft quality products, codes and design. 

Interaction Ventures invests in early stage startups at the seed/angel round all through North America and the rest of the world. Leveraging resources, capital, and insight from their partner fund iNovia Capital, they typically make $50,000 investments, funding about four to six startups annually.

For more information about the angel fund click here!

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