Regional Partnership and Digital Transformation Agreement for Tourism 2022-2025 (RPTNT 2022-2025)

Administrator: Québec Ministry of Tourism
Source of Funds: Provincial Government, Canada
No Deadline


The EPRTNT 2022-2025 aims to renew and enhance tourism offers for different regions across the province. The projects must be structured to restore and improve a region's tourism offer. Projects must promote the achievement of objectives to stimulate the economy of Quebec regions and promote the development of a responsible and sustainable tourism offer. These projects must correspond to one of the six categories: attractions, activities and facilities; structuring of the regional tourism offer; accommodation; festivals and events; studies and consulting services; or digital development of a business.

This program is available in French only.
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Funding Limits

Eligible Expenditures

    • Consulting Fees
    • Capital
    • Material
    • Sub-Contractor
    • Salaries
    • Other
    • Application Fee: None

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